My name is Dave and I am a user researcher and experience designer.


I currently work at Charles Schwab in Austin, Texas, where I am the team user researcher for Schwab Advisor ServicesI believe in the power of information to improve people’s lives, which is the motivation behind my work at Charles Schwab.

I have been practicing Information Architecture and User Experience for almost 15 years, building upon my academic training by practicing UX in agencies and as a consultant. Today, I continue to evolve my practice in the enterprise setting by adapting “traditional” user research and design activities for Lean and Agile approaches. (Spoiler alert: this is harder than it sounds. Haha.)



My design practice has 3 focuses

  1. Organization - Creating order from non-order

  2. Clarity - Making things clear (Notice I did not say ‘simple' as the world is complex)

  3. People - I believe in human-centric approach to technology

And my work has of 3 practice areas

  1. Research; Both generative and evaluative testing methodologies

  2. Information Architecture - Structuring information for use in a search and browse environment 

  3. User Experience Design - Crafting experiences across channels, including screens



I’ve held both Information Architect and User Experience Lead job titles. In each role I have performed the essential user-centric activities needed for building great user experiences: primary user research to inform design strategy, Information Architecture to organize content for use, Interaction Design to create user interfaces, and usability studies to vet designs.

Having been a front-end developer (XHTML/CSS/.NET) and database architect before getting into UX, I can speak “engineer” and enjoy collaborating directly with developers.

And having an advanced degree in social sciences, I look for bridges between theory and practice, the academic and the professional.

I have had the good fortune of working with companies like Quicken Loans, Ace Hardware, Anthropologie, Toys ‘R Us, Bath & Body Works, Dick’s Sporting Goods, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and David’s Bridal.

You can view my professional profile on LinkedIn.



My work in user experience spans outside the workplace and into community organizing and professional organizations. Much of what I have learned about experience design has come from peers, so it has only been natural to spend time giving back to the community.

At the global level, I have been involved in organizing the Information Architecture Summit for more than a decade. I had the honor of co-chairing the 2017 IA Summit in Vancouver, Canada, a 5-day conference with more than 500 attendees. At the local level, I have served multiple times as President of PhillyCHI (ACM SIGCHI), Philadelphia’s interest group for human-computer interaction.




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